WTF @BlackWorksRacing Is the word “consistency”’ a foreign term to you?

All brand new out of the box’s from the same order, and EVERY SINGLE ONE IS DIFFERENT. 

Casting, Materials, Logo placement, Height, Thread Depth, Acorn Shape

Is this the price we pay in QC for cheep parts? And they have the balls to tout these as “Made In America”…Garbage…

I’ll stick to my Steel Buddyclubs Thankyou…

Know your facts when investing in a set of JDM B-Series pistons.

Many people are unaware of the differences found in GS-R cylinder heads or CTR components often times causing confusion and loss of power.

When restricted to pump gas, higher compression does NOT = more power.

As compression ratio increases ignition timing has to be pulled further and further until you find yourself at less horsepower then you started with. (E85, C85, CP110+ Need Not Apply)

My last week with county was filled with the most amazing sunrises.

What my mornings Normally consist of. All those drinks are mine yes. Every morning. 4:30am

Conceived by an enthusiast at heart & engineer by trade, ASR control arms have been designed where ‘function is the form’. As a ‘me too’ product by their designer, they have been specifically designed to compliment the ASR Brace/Sway-bar kit while also addressing many of the flaws and shortcomings ASR has found that other existing products currently have

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This is me how I typically spend my day editing pretty photos of car parts that I’ve taken earlier in the day while @ InlineFour.

It feels good to make pretty photos of things that make people want to buy them because they look so pretty.