Know your facts when investing in a set of JDM B-Series pistons.

Many people are unaware of the differences found in GS-R cylinder heads or CTR components often times causing confusion and loss of power.

When restricted to pump gas, higher compression does NOT = more power.

As compression ratio increases ignition timing has to be pulled further and further until you find yourself at less horsepower then you started with. (E85, C85, CP110+ Need Not Apply)

My last week with county was filled with the most amazing sunrises.

What my mornings Normally consist of. All those drinks are mine yes. Every morning. 4:30am

Conceived by an enthusiast at heart & engineer by trade, ASR control arms have been designed where ‘function is the form’. As a ‘me too’ product by their designer, they have been specifically designed to compliment the ASR Brace/Sway-bar kit while also addressing many of the flaws and shortcomings ASR has found that other existing products currently have

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This is me how I typically spend my day editing pretty photos of car parts that I’ve taken earlier in the day while @ InlineFour.

It feels good to make pretty photos of things that make people want to buy them because they look so pretty. 



Arlen hates cheep/knock off parts. 

Only buy products that have genuine engineering and testing behind them. NOT ones that are following a fad and going for style. God people your safety is more important then some signature-series bling nonsense.

Thanks a lot, I was going to buy the “BWR” which is 160$/ when the “ASR” is only 100$ @ a local shop.

Just make sure its a real-real ASR brace. There are chinese knock offs coming from overseas now that have the ASR logo and design.

REAL ASR products come from a single CNC machine in Chatsworth California. When we get a chance to talk to him in a week or so i’ll pick his brain to see how to spot a fake.

When a Race engine goes BOOM. One clogged injector due to the typical ‘dirty’ race fuel that is used (H1 Classification). Caused a single cylinder to overheat, seized a bearing, and grenade’d the block.